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Anthony Fidler

SensitiveBeing is the evolution of the mental health related work I have been sharing around the world with both experiencers and clinicians for the past six years.

What I present here is rooted in my own personal experience as someone who has spent a life dealing with anxiety, periodic depression and periodic non-ordinary extreme states of consciousness, which overlap the spiritual domain as well as what we can call psychosis.

What is unusual with my journey with 'mental health' difficulties is that I already had an intensive training in both Mindfulness based meditation and Tai Chi when things started to kick off for me age twenty-nine.

Once I took responsibility for my own recovery including coming off anti-psychotics, I became more and more skilled at mindfully navigating my spontaneous non-ordinary states so that they were survivable.

Later after years of working on myself, they stopped naturally.

Finally, I'm a happy person. This is not the usual outcome you see after a ten year period going in and out of altered states.

Hopefully this website will provide both hope and inspiration for others in similar situations as well as those who care for them.

New: You may also be interested in my HeartTouch in-person workshops. Visit easternpeace.com for more information.

What to do when you wake up and its not an ordinary day!

A 35min video recorded in 2020

In this video, I have done my best to create an online interventation for people who like me experience non-ordinary states at times.

How we handle a crisis, both the person having the experience and those around them, makes all the difference whether the person ends up as a chronic sick person for life, or gets through it and makes their way back to health, possibly more human and heart open than before.

How can I help you?


If you are in a crisis right now or seeking help to cope better with your experiences, I offer a 1-1 'mental health' coaching service and from there we can discuss you joining one of my regular support classes.

Coaching for Experiencers

Family Members

All the focus is on your partner, child or sibling but if you are supporting someone you love through extreme states, you will likely be going through the mill yourself.

We can discuss ways both to help you cope better and at the same time enhance your capacity to support your loved one.

Coaching for Family Members

Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists & Psychotherapists

I am happy to support clinicians to enhance their understanding of what is happening for their patients along with how best to help them feel safe and empowered to journey toward recovery.

We can also look at practices to help you keep yourself well, while meeting people experiencing extreme distress.

Individual & Group Coaching for Psychiatrists / Psychologists

Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists & Psychotherapists with Personal Experience of Breakdown & Trauma

I would be very happy to support you in your recovery as once you do, you will have a lot to offer your patients when you return to work!

We can also look at how to make use of your lived experience to enhance your capacity to support your clients or patients.

Individual & Group Coaching for Clinicians with Lived Experience

Psychiatric Nurses & Social Workers

My feeling is that psychiatric nurses and social workers with the right training and environment to work in have the most to offer people dealing with extreme suffering and these roles need to be respected and valued.

We can also look at practices to help you keep yourself well, while meeting people experiencing extreme distress.

Individual & Group Coaching for Psychiatric Nurses & Social Workers

Psychiatric Colleges / Services

I am very happy to speak to audiences of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses and social workers.

Previous events in Brazil and Switzerland hosted by medical universities were very well received.

My interest is in finding positive, practical ways to improve mental health services both in the clinical environment and in the community, not to critique services which are overwhelmed and under-resourced.

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It's on my personal journey developing HeartTouch: Embodied Mindfulness & Compassionate Connection through Touch for anxiety, emotional pain, trauma & psychosis.

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One to One Online 'Mental Health' Wellness Coaching Sessions for Experiencers

These sessions can be in the form of a conversation or a Hara Conditioning coaching or a combination of the two.

I am happy to consider sessions with anyone but am especially interested in supporting people with spiritual crisis, psychosis, trauma or anxiety issues.

Session Fee: £80 / hour, £120 / 1 1/2 hours.

More on SensitiveBeing Coaching Sessions

HeartTouch: Mindfulness & Compassionate Touch Training for Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma.

These workshops are open to people experiencing extreme human states, whether that be labelled as psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, manic depressive along with people with personal histories of sexual or emotional traumas.

They are also open to people experiencing milder forms of anxiety and emotional pain, however it expresses itself.

This can include co-issues such as addiction or eating disorders, though I would request people to find additional support for the side-issue as this is not part of my experience.

The workshops are also open to people interested in enhancing their capacity to work with people experiencing this kind of distress, whether as a bodyworker, psychotherapist, clinician or family member.

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