SensitiveBeing Testimonials

Testimonials for Anthony

Well-Being Coaching Homestay

Anthony stayed with us for a few days, which allowed him to observe the dynamics within the house and give some very helpful feedback.

He ran sessions around practising emotional resonance, we did some chanting to clear energies, he led a qi gong session and demonstrated his Heart Touch technique and got us to practice it.

He is very versatile and adapts to any situation, feeling intuitively what is needed at the moment in way that is beneficial to all present.

The person suffering from a mental health issue didn't actively take part in the sessions, but was definitely touched by them.

Anthony also seemed to act as a catalyst as several development took place while he was staying, which resulted in an opening up and a re-alignment of everyone's purpose.

While he stayed with us he shared meals with us and we went on walks, he is very easy-going and has a shiny personality which makes him a very pleasant guest.

Jenny, France

Online Well-Being Coaching

I had a one to one online session with Anthony. It was very straightforward and easy to book a session.

Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge of different Eastern practices, presenting them in an easy to understand format.

From his own lived experiences, he also understands the practicalities and challenges of being a sensitive and empathetic human being in the modern world, offering lots of guidance in ways of finding peace and inner resilience.

Having struggled to find online teachers that can cater for specific health conditions, Anthony is able to adapt sessions, putting you at ease.

Would highly recommend Anthony for learning how to live with more peace and balance within.

Rebecca, UK

'Mental Health' Wellness Coaching

Anthony has made such a tremendous impact in my healing journey at many levels: spiritually, emotionally and even physically. I can say it strongly - he has been that bright light when I felt there is no way forward, after numerous traumatic events.

I am hugely impressed by his unique ability to share his own experience, extensive knowledge within the field of healing, various practices and simply his energy.

My gratitude for Anthony's help goes beyond any limits; he showed me that life can be beautiful despite any state you are in.

I sincerely recommend to reach out to Anthony at your need.

Jurga, Lithuania

'Mental Health' Wellness Coaching

In times when I felt really lost in life, I searched for help and found Anthony.

He guided me through his experience and made it easier for me to see, that there can also be light again in the end of the tunnel.

Furthermore, he gave me a greater understanding in what was going on.

Life taught me, through that period, that if we suppress too long what we feel, your body and mind might be forced to express it, in extremer ways like confusion, panic attacks, or even Depression...

I can absolutely recommend the work of Anthony, for everyone who is on a similar journey.

Janosch, Germany

'Mental Health' Wellness Coaching

I greatly appreciated Anthony's coaching sessions as it gave me insight to someone who has gone through out of the ordinary experiences of consciousness and come out the other side.

So much of the current narrative in this area is pathological.

People tend to fear what they don't understand.

So it was relieving to talk to someone and share experience and address the spiritual space where growth is real and possible.

Highly recommend.

Dan, Brazil

Family 'Mental Health' Wellness Coaching

Hi Anthony, I just wanted to share with you how humbled and moved I was after our conversation yesterday.

After we stopped talking, I felt a deep sense of relaxation and peace, which was very welcome.

I was highly impressed by how deeply and intuitively you understood the problems with the children.

I find it strange, and sad in a way that spending a couple of hours talking to you was more helpful and insightful than all of the hours combined that social workers and GPS have contributed to our family.

And I feel strongly that your voice deserves to be heard,

Because you have direct experience of these sort of issues, which most people do not.

Thank you for being there.

Hint: 'Borderline'... John, UK

'Mental Health' Wellness Coaching

Thank you, Anthony, for helping me deal with my trauma and anxiety by not simply telling me what to do but showing me what to do.

Other people from whom I’ve sought help have talked with me about intellectual concepts and have offered advice such as “Focus on yourself”, “Don’t worry about things until they happen”.

Other mindfulness practices have been helpful to an extent but have very much focused on the mind.

You have been aware that much of my anxiety is stored in my body and exploring together physical techniques drawn from Tai Chi and QiGong, focusing on breathing and grounding and letting the body instinctively explore what it needs to calm itself, has been so useful and has tackled issues on a much deeper level.

Joanne, UK

'Mental Health' Wellness Coaching

Anthony is inspiring.

I've had some very positive sessions with him and am looking forward to more.

He has personal experience in recovering from psychotic illness and he gives me hope for my own healing.

Mel, USA

Family 'Mental Health' Wellness Coaching

Through Anthony's own lived experience of heightened emotional states, he has been able to help me understand what my partner has experienced.

Anthony has shed light on how I might really support my partner in times of crisis without having to rely on conventional psychiatry and medication, something we're both keen to be the way forward for us.

Anthony's wisdom and warmth have made me feel much more confident in my ability to take care of both myself and my partner in future.

Frankie, UK

Online Embodied Mindfulness & Qi Gong

I have attended the embodied mindfulness and rejuvenation sessions which Anthony runs and during the class have found the insights he has gained from his own experience about 'altered states' / 'psychosis' really helpful to consider in relation to my son's experiences which have been frightening (and much more), for him but also for me and the rest of the family.

Anthony shares and communicates with authenticity and sense about what has helped him on his journey, shedding some light on what, for those 'alongside' someone experiencing these states, can be hard to understand.

His wisdom and practice provide hope that, with support and work the path is not bleak but one of discovery and evolving. This hopeful perspective is in contrast to the often negative one which carers may have encountered and can help equip carers to better navigate the journey....

Anthony's website contains a wealth of valuable resources for experiencers and those supporting them.

Glad you are there to share and that I was lucky enough to hear about you and your work.

Thank you

Sue, UK

Online Embodied Mindfulness & Qi Gong

Anthony's Tai chi, qigong and hara conditioning workshops provide a safe and welcoming space where, at their own pace, participants are able to explore and to work with the embodied felt sensations and constrictions that arise in the midst of difficult experiences of mental and emotional distress.

As I was working with my own experiences of childhood trauma - and the ensuing spiritual crisis and liminal states - Anthony's workshops became a sanctuary in which I was able to soften and to show myself kindness, to ground difficult energies, and to bring my nervous system back into a state of tranquility and calm.

James, UK

Zen Mindfulness Course

Thank you very much, it took me a long way in dealing with my 'anxiety'.

You and your sessions played a big role in this by bringing me closer to the concept of mindfulness and teaching me some exercices I can easily integrate in my daily life. Thank you very much for this.

I never told you how grateful I am that I had the chance to meet you, but I've been thinking it for a while!

Marc, Luxembourg

Mindfulness for Anxiety & Burnout

Your workshop was very useful because it gave me a lot of tools to help me relax in a more profound way, acknowledge my feelings and come back to my body.

I also loved the compassionate touch practices.

I found them very rewarding, a great way to connect with other people and to honour our basic humanity.

Monica, Luxembourg

Weathering Storms: Mindfulness for Psychosis

The key issue I have when I am in an altered mental state is coming back in to connection with myself and others.

Anthony’s workshop provided me with practical tools and support to help re-establish this connection.

Anthony is an expert by experience and his teachings could not be more helpful in the current climate.

Anonymous participant, UK